Billedkunstner Lis Engel

“The works of the contemporary artist Lis Engel are real poetic whispers“

Works dancing in space, and which are characterized by the chromatic refinement and a great power of sign. Works that tell the feelings of deep experience in a way I would describe as sublime. They seduce the eyes and open into dreaming states of realities. The visual art of Lis Engel don´t need to scream to be heard. The refined texture and the sensitive language make such works real masterpieces intended to remain in time.”​

“The works of Lis Engel trsansport the observer into a world of dreams. The artist portrayes oneiric realities that have the appearance of new paradises. With great technical ability. Lis Engel speaks to us of her visions – The refined texture and the erudite language make such works, real masterpieces, free of external constraints, intended to remain in time

Salvatore Russo, Italian art Historian and art critic and curator, Segnalati, 2016

Chianciano Art Museum – Critical Analysis

Lis Engel is wonderful self-taught abstract painter. Her works are characterised by the purely impressionistic nature that derives from her inner responses to everyday life and to the objective world she sees around her, besides by her more intimate meditations and dreams and her favourite myths and fairy tales.

Lis’s technique is made of purely gestural brushstrokes that create dynamism and tumult in her canvases, capturing the viewer from the very first moment and transporting him directly into her sublime reality, reminding us of the British abstract painter Howard Hodgkin and the Australian expressionist Arthur Boyd. The lines are basic and essential and offer an almost childlike quality to the subjects, although her ability to depict her figures is outstandingly expressive. The reduction of form and simplicity of outlines highlight her explicit allegorical and poetic nature.

The use of colours is stunning. Lis uses soft, harmonic hues, prevailingly pastel tones, to offer the viewer a most refreshing and joyful experience. The chromatic primacy and combination of colours only accentuate the meaning and symbolism in her paintings. There is a story behind each artwork that is told through Lis’s artistry and creative talent and imagination. The viewer is overwhelmed by the evocative intensity of her visual narrative and finds himself unconsciously living each story with passionate participation.

Her compositions are fascinating and superbly charming. Her delicate, subtle, generous, manner of conveying her most precious feelings is absolutely unique. We are bystanders in the face of a highly talented artist and her compelling and extraordinary sensitivity. Her pure spirit and art form are a true and joyful gift to the world of modern abstract painting.

Karen Lappon

International Confederation of Art Critics

The Global Arts Project January 2011 Abraham Lubelsky Ny Arts Magazine

Your dreamscapes are rendered in vibrant hues and tones: lucious grass, azure sky, winding paths, silent heat, or tall standing trees. The wildlife and featured animals simbolize a life lived to the fullest.​

The same energy can be detected in your more Abstract Exspressionist paintings and a mixture of rainmbow palette, combined with blithe brushstroke, construct a buoyant world where the midnight sky becomes a festive carnival, and the jungle turns into a poetic prophecy. Ingenious and intuitive, you portray life as in its finest detail in each layered painting, each brought into being with tints and shades magnetic and galvanizing.

New York 2011
The Gloabal Arts Project January
i Ny Arts magazine

Galleria Tondinelli, Rome 2011

The sensible Danish painter is now started to artistic maturity after some aesthetic experiences, gained through the internalization of the theories learned directly in London, New York, Geneva, Florence, and, of course, in Copenhagen. Her style is introspective, but also inquiring of the outside world. Signals come from the two worlds to the heart, not only a feelings cradle, but true laboratory transformation of images in a dreamlike visions of life and subsequent phases of interplay between experience and expression to turn to define the true meaning of lived space.

In “Madonna and Child” space corresponds to a few centimeters between the two sides, so homogeneous as they were one. Lis Engel here reveals its iconographic traits, with soft, harmonic tones (which is dominated by pasteltones) and she even include the symbolic element of the dove in the foreground. She’s not wrong when Engel defines his style “expressive, poetic, wonderful, which in itself contains dreamlike visions of figures, but also allegories and abstractions” of an ideal world that effectively live creating and realizing not living in the city of the Little Mermaid.

Galleria Tondinelli
Rome, 2011
Art Professor Aldo G. Jtosti


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Lis Engel udforsker det moderne maleri mellem det figurative, det symbolske, det poetiske og det abstrakte